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  • Make lighting more convenient. iKinetic at the 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition.


Make lighting more convenient. iKinetic at the 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition.

Introduction to the Exhibition

The 2023 Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition served as a pivotal platform, congregating leading global enterprises and experts within the lighting industry. It provided an unparalleled opportunity for iKinetic to showcase our latest products, stay abreast of industry trends, and engage in meaningful exchanges with industry peers.

Product Highlights

Our booth prominently featured our flagship offerings: the Kinetic Switch and LED Control. The Kinetic Switch harnesses cutting-edge motion sensing technology, activating its internal generator with a press of the button, facilitating seamless lighting control. On the other hand, LED Control offers intelligent, adaptable LED lighting control solutions, empowering users to tailor lighting effects to diverse scenarios and requirements.

Showcasing and Networking

Our booth garnered considerable attention from attendees who displayed keen interest in our products. We engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with industry experts, partners, and prospective clients from diverse geographical backgrounds. These interactions provided invaluable feedback and insights, enriching our understanding of market needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

Participation in the Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition proved immensely fruitful, offering us valuable insights and inspiration. Through exchanges with industry peers, we gained deeper insights into emerging trends and technological advancements, guiding our future product development endeavors and market expansion strategies.


iKinetic extends sincere appreciation to the organizers of the Hong Kong Lighting Exhibition for granting us this invaluable opportunity. We also extend gratitude to all attendees and partners who visited our booth and engaged in productive discussions. As we move forward, we remain committed to relentless innovation, striving to deliver convenient, intelligent lighting solutions that redefine industry standards. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities for collaboration and growth.