About Us

Company Overview:

iKinetic.io specialise in home control products, dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distribute highly advanced smart home solutions. Our primary products include the Kinetic Switch, Smart Light Control, and other home control products.

Mission and Values:

Our mission is to create a more intelligent, convenient, and comfortable home living experience for users through innovative technology. We believe that technology should serve humanity, creating a smarter home environment.

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Team Introduction:

Our team consists of passionate and experienced professionals committed to advancing home control technology. Each team member is dedicated to the pursuit of technological innovation for superior user experiences.

Products and Services:

Kinetic Switch: Utilizing advanced motion sensing technology, it enables touchless control of home appliances, providing users with unparalleled convenience.

Smart Light Control: Based on intelligent light control technology, it achieves smart light adjustments, creating a comfortable atmosphere in home environments.



Q: Which home devices are compatible with iKinetic products?

A: iKinetic products are widely compatible with various home appliances such as lamps, sockets, etc., enabling convenient touchless control.


Q: How can I collaborate with iKinetic?

A: You can contact our team by phone or email, and we will promptly provide you with detailed collaboration information.


Q: What professional backgrounds does ikinetic’s technical team have?

A: Our technical team has extensive experience in electronic engineering and the smart home field, ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions to our customers.


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