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Wireless Kinetic Switch Series

Smart Furniture Control

Battery Free, wiring Free. simple and Easyto-Use Multifunctional Wireless switch

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Effortless Smart Home Automation

Experience top-tier smart home automation with iKinetic!

iKinetic offers tailored home control solutions from smart lighting to appliance management. Known for their compact and sleek design, our products seamlessly integrate into any home. Enjoy a seamlessly automated lifestyle with iKinetic’s innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Why choose iKinetic?

Highly Compatible

iKinetic's mini controller boasts strong compatibility, seamlessly integrating with various home automation platforms, protocols, and voice assistants, providing users with a convenient control experience.

Kinetic Power Switch

iKinetic incorporates an energy-efficient kinetic power switch design, eliminating the requirement for batteries. This integration of eco-friendly elements simplifies the user experience and ensures long-term stable operation.

Great Value for Money

iKinetic is committed to delivering the best value for money by offering high-quality products coupled with professional support and comprehensive device warranties, providing customers with an exceptional value proposition.


iKinetic pledges to deliver top-notch after-sales support, promptly addressing customer needs and ensuring effective solutions throughout the product usage journey, guaranteeing a worry-free post-purchase experience.

Easy Pairing, Smart Control for the Entire Home

Smart Home Control System

Our controller product series features multiple connectivity options.

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